Same Day Dentures

Here at Woodcreek Dental we insert same-day dentures to save our patients from the shame of having to walk around with tooth gaps in their mouths.

Same-day dentures, also known as immediate dentures, are done on the first appointment with the dentist. Same-day dentures can either be full or partial dentures. They are placed immediately after the extraction of your natural teeth.

Same-day dentures ensure you will not be without visible teeth at any time since the procedure takes place the same day. The dentures also protect the sore gums after your teeth have been extracted. You will also not have to make drastic changes to your diet since you can still use them to chew soft foods.

How Same-Day Dentures Work

You will need to make either four or five visits to our dental clinic before the same-day dentures are inserted. During the first visit, you will consult with our dentist, and then have impressions of your jaw and teeth made.

This is in a case where you have damaged teeth, and they need to be extracted first. In cases where the teeth are already lost, you will get your dentures in a single appointment. Also, you will get a chance to make a selection of the color of dentures that you want during these visits.

If there are a few teeth remaining on the jaw, they may have to be extracted so that you can get a full denture. Any teeth extraction is done earlier on the day of getting the dentures. These initial visits ensure you that the same day dentures you get offer a perfect fit.

Before Committing To Same-Day Dentures

There are a few downsides to same-day dentures. Numerous adjustments are required and sometimes an entire remake since the gums will heal and shrink. Also, the gums are usually swollen immediately after the extraction process. As such, same-day dentures tend to feel quite uncomfortable while they sit over the swollen gums. Same-day dentures will also cost you a little bit more than traditional dentures.

Same-day dentures need to be taken care of just like ordinary dentures. They are fragile and may crack knocked around. While you can sleep with the dentures on, it is not advisable to do so. Loose dentures can come off at night and choke you. It is best that you remove them and store them in a wet bowl. Do not allow your dentures to get dry. If the dentures feel loose at any point, you should come back to our dentist and get them checked.

Despite the few demerits outlined above, the benefits of same-day dentures are overwhelming. They are becoming a very popular option among the patients who visit our clinics. It is quite easy to understand why. Having to walk around with an empty tooth gap is quite depressing.

Get in touch with us by calling Woodcreek Dental at (805) 482-6389. One of our professionals will attend to any questions that you might have concerning same-day dentures and dental health in general.

Without question or doubt ! Dr. Wygant is the best ! I've seen over 9 different dentist and nobody can compare with Dr. Wygant. He is talented, knowledgable, compassionate, kind, and considerate. Words can't explain. Look no further and come see for yourself. Front and back office are friendly and kind. Great team! I walk out feeling like family. Thank you Dr. Wygant.

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