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Every cell in our body is alive, and that includes the ones that form our teeth! The problem is that this also means our teeth can die.

When our teeth are damaged or become vulnerable to disease or infection, the only treatment option available may be tooth extraction. However, if the problem is addressed early enough, root canal therapy can help to save what’s left of the tooth.

If you need a root canal treatment near you, the skilled dentists at Woodcreek Dental can help! We’ll perform the procedure and remove the infected and injured tissues. From there, we will clean the tooth and fill it with a medicated material to strengthen it. Once these steps are complete, the entire tooth will be capped using an artificial crown to prevent any more bacteria from getting inside.

Root Canal Treatment Near You: When Should You Call the Professionals?

Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly significantly reduces your risk of decay. An infection can cause an abscess at the root of your tooth, resulting in irreversible damage to the pulp. If tooth decay is so severe that a root canal is required, you’ve probably already been experiencing significant pain in and around the infected area.

While tooth pain doesn’t always mean that there is an infection present, it is a cause for concern and you should have your mouth examined by a professional as soon as possible.

Here are a few other signs of tooth infection that you should be aware of:

• Swelling and inflammation
• Sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures
• Fever
• Foul-tasting fluid in the mouth
• Pain or discomfort while chewing

Remember, healthy teeth don’t need root canals! Be sure to maintain a good oral hygiene routine, including going to your dentist twice a year for teeth cleanings.

Reasons to Save a Natural Tooth

You’re probably thinking, “If I have a severely infected tooth, isn’t it better just to get it replaced?”

While artificial replacements like dentures or dental implants can help to fill a gap or restore function, it is extremely difficult to fully replicate that natural structure of the mouth and jaw.

Sometimes when a tooth is replaced, the implant may not completely fill in space. This is problematic because spaces between your teeth can eventually result in bone loss and a condition known as occlusion. Occlusion occurs when the overall position of your teeth shifts, leading to the collapse of the bite.

This can affect your ability to chew normally and may also alter your natural appearance. Your dentist will likely recommend additional treatments to fix these issues.

Your teeth do a lot more than just help you to digest your favorite foods. They also contain nerves that send signals to our brains that tell us how hard we should chew while eating. Since implants do not have nerves, this information would not get communicated to your brain, which can lead to difficulties while eating.

Root Canal Treatments Near You

Root canal treatments are the most popular way to preserve a natural tooth. Thanks to modern technology, the procedure can be performed in a way that is relatively pain-free. These advancements also mean that root canals have fewer complications on average when compared to dental implants. You’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful smile and all of the other health benefits that come with keeping your natural tooth.

The highly trained and experienced staff at Woodcreek Dental can offer root canal treatment in Camarillo, CA 93010. Contact us today at (805) 482-6389 so that we can help you to get your smile’s form and function back on track.

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