The average adult has about three dental fillings. These fillings provide simple solutions for tooth decay. Fillings are necessary when tooth decay begins to affect the nerves of a tooth’s root. This is called a cavity and represents one of the most common problems that the team at Woodcreek Dental treats regularly.

Fillings are often the best solution for tooth decay, as they allow us to save your natural tooth. By filling a cavity, tooth decay stops, and normal tooth function is restored. Depending on the severity of your cavity, there are different types of filling materials to choose from. Our team will guide you to the best filling option available for you, based on cost, the extent of the damage to your tooth, and the location of the cavity.

Finding a reliable dentist to perform dental fillings near you may seem difficult, but luckily, your search is over! Our dental group is experienced, and we want you to feel your best. For dental fillings in Camarillo, CA 93010, Woodcreek Dental is here for you.

Available Types of Dental Filling Materials

As you research where to get dental fillings near you, you’ve likely come across information about filling materials. There are a variety of options, but some may be more beneficial for your case than others.

Below are the most common dental filling materials and their benefits.


Metal and silver fillings, also known as amalgam, are a popular choice due to their durability. If maintained, they can last anywhere between 10 and 15 years. They are also one of the most affordable filling options. However, their color doesn’t blend well with the natural color of teeth, so these fillings are best used for cavities in the back of the mouth.


As the name suggests, composite fillings are made of a combination of plastic resin and glass or quartz. Because they have a resin in it, the color of the composite fillings can be customized to match your natural tooth color. This makes a composite material the best option for visible sections of your mouth, like your front teeth. Composite fillings are durable and can tolerate moderate chewing, thus making them a standard filling option.


Another top filling material option is ceramic. These are similar to composite in that they color-match to teeth well and are durable. However, ceramic fillings are more expensive. Ceramic fillings are also more resistant to staining. For high quality and natural-looking fillings, ceramic is often the best choice.

What to Expect: The Dental Filling Process

Fillings may be used to restore some broken or cracked teeth that were caused by an injury. They can also be used to treat tooth decay. To identify a cavity, our expert team will look for discoloration, enamel softness, and chipped or deformed teeth. In some cases, an X-ray may be required to confirm a diagnosis of tooth decay.

Filling cavities is a fairly simple procedure that can often be completed in less than an hour. The dentist will start by numbing the area with a local anesthetic if desired. They will then clean the tooth from any decayed enamel and shape the cavity properly to accommodate a filling.

In some cases, etching may be necessary to help the filling material hold to the tooth’s surface. The dentist will place the filling and set it with a special light if the material requires it. Lastly, the tooth will be polished to remove any excess debris.

Dental Fillings Near You

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