Woodcreek Assurance Membership Plan

Here at Woodcreek Dental, we strive to help as many people as we can get healthier. We understand that half of our community does not have dental insurance and paying for quality dental care can be challenging. With the high premium costs, the large deductible minimums, confusing terms for what procedures are actually covered, and exclusions or frequency limitations, purchasing dental insurance doesn’t mathematically make sense for most people. Most of the time, it’s not worth the investment. No worries, we have you covered!!!

  • No annual waiting period, age limits or frequency limitations
  • No maximum coverage amounts
  • Discounts on all dental procedures available
  • State of the art dental implants, teeth whitening and much much more!

We have you covered!

Sample Dental Bill For 1 Year

Affordable, convenient care for you and your family!

Treatment Without Insurance Membership
Full Mouth X-rays $155 $0
Comprehensive Exam $100 $0
Prophy Cleaning $125 $0
Emergency Exam $85 $0
Crown $1294 $1035
Periodic Oral Evaluation $59 $0
Cavity Detecting Crown $75 $0
Total $1927 $1035
Savings $892
We are so excited to announce our Assurance Membership Program which allows you and your family to save on EVERY dental procedure. Becoming a member of our Assurance Dental Membership provides you with many of the benefits of a typical dental insurance plan (cleanings, exams, Crown and reduced cost of procedures), without exclusions, maximums, deductibles or waiting periods. Your dental benefits start immediately upon registration.

Make A Plan For Your Dental Health

Many people tend to wait until something is bothering them or they are in pain before they consider visiting their family dentist. However, by waiting for something to start hurting, you are allowing small issues to become major problems. With dentistry, regular, consistent check-ups and cleanings are important for not only maintaining your dental health but also for saving you money by avoiding more serious issues. It is crucial to have a plan for how you and your family will pay for necessary dental cleanings and procedures.

Woodcreek Assurance Members Receive

  • 20% discount on all treatments and procedures.
  • Two sets of bitewing Crown per year.
  • Two preventative healthy cleanings per year.
  • Two periodic examinations of hard and soft tissue per year.
  • Two emergency examinations per year.
  • Unlimited intraoral photos
  • Unlimited oral cancer evaluations
  • Unlimited periodontal screenings and measurements
  • Two Fluoride treatments per year for children under 19.
  • Unlimited high fives from our team

Choosing an Assurance plan is easy. Simply choose the plan that fits the number of people you want to have included with your membership, and then decide if you would like to pay monthly, or yearly.


This plan is perfect for a single adult
Annual pricing $329


This plan is great for couples or two people living in the same household.
Annual pricing $579


This plan is ideal for families with up to 5 members living in the same house.
Annual pricing $999

Is your family more than 5 people? No problem, just add $100 for each person over 5.

Without question or doubt ! Dr. Wygant is the best ! I've seen over 9 different dentist and nobody can compare with Dr. Wygant. He is talented, knowledgable, compassionate, kind, and considerate. Words can't explain. Look no further and come see for yourself. Front and back office are friendly and kind. Great team! I walk out feeling like family. Thank you Dr. Wygant.

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