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Night Guards in Camarillo, CA, 93010

Did you know that 10 to 15% of all adults suffer from bruxism? This condition is characterized by the unconscious clenching, grinding, or gnashing of teeth, and it occurs most often during the night. Most of the damage is done while you sleep when you’re often unaware that your teeth are grinding. If you’ve ever woken up with a sore jaw or tooth pain, particularly in your back teeth, it may be a sign that you are suffering from bruxism.

At Woodcreek Dental, we know how detrimental tooth grinding can be for your jaw and how it can negatively impact your teeth and gums. That’s why we highly recommend using night guards to prevent oral damage. Nightguards are very similar in design to the plastic mouthguards that are often worn in contact sports. When they are properly fitted, they typically don’t cause any discomfort for those that wear them.

Finding Night Guards Near You: Why Wear a Night Guard?

At first glance, a nightguard might seem like it would disturb your sleep, especially if you’re not used to wearing a retainer or any other nighttime dental device. However, night guards are purposely designed to be extremely lightweight so that the wearer will barely notice them and can fall asleep comfortably.

Nightguards can be made for any individual patient using a mold of their teeth. When they are custom-fitted by your dentist, you’ll never have to worry about your night guard fitting improperly.

In most situations, wearing a nightguard will actually result in being able to achieve a deeper and more peaceful sleep, as you won’t continue to experience jaw tension during the night. Additionally, night guards provide a slight separation of the top and bottom teeth, allowing your breath to travel in and out more easily and reducing the likelihood of snoring or breathing issues while you’re asleep.

Most people know how to prioritize their dental health through regular brushing and flossing routines. Even with the best preventative measures in place, tooth damage can happen from bruxism while you’re asleep. Wearing a simple night guard regularly can help to reduce your need for expensive or in-depth restorative procedures like root canals or tooth extractions down the line.

Finding Night Guards Near You

If you’re looking for night guards in Camarillo, CA 93010, the first step is to determine which type of night guard you’d prefer. People who suffer from bruxism can purchase mouthguards over the counter at most drug stores for a very affordable price…however, because those night guards aren’t custom-made for your individual teeth and jaw shape, you may find them to be uncomfortable and difficult to sleep in.

If you would prefer a custom-made mouthguard, you can have one created at your dentist’s office. All it takes is a simple dental impression given during your next appointment. Custom-made night guards are even more durable than their over-the-counter counterparts and will sit much more comfortably in your mouth while you sleep.

Schedule an Appointment for Night Guards Near You

Are you experiencing undiagnosed jaw and tooth pain? If you need night guards in Camarillo, CA 93010, schedule an appointment at Woodcreek Dental today to find out what your next steps should be. Give us a call at (805) 482-6389.

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