Dental Exams in Camarillo

Dental Exams in Camarillo, CA 93012

At Woodcreek Dental, the health of your teeth and gums is of the utmost importance to us. That’s why we recommend regular check-ups for kids, teens, and adults that include full dental exams, as well as any cleaning or X-rays that are needed.

We firmly believe that preventative measures are the key to catching tooth decay, gum disease, and other harmful conditions before they worsen and cause serious complications or become costly to fix.

Dental Exams Near You: Why Should You Schedule Regular Dental Exams?

Cavities, gingivitis, and other tooth and gum-related issues are not the only conditions that a dentist can spot in their early stages. In fact, seemingly unrelated issues, such as arthritis and diabetes, can actually show symptoms in and around the head, mouth, and neck. This means that regular trips to the dentist could catch a serious illness in its tracks before it has the chance to become extremely expensive and cause damage.

Your dental exams will provide you with the exact preventative care that you would expect from a high-quality dentist. This includes monitoring for gum disease, excessive build-up of plaque, and even the early signs of oral cancers.

If your oral condition has already progressed beyond the point of preventative measures, we’ll take good care of you during any necessary dental procedure so that you can maintain peace of mind and recover safely and comfortably from your treatment.

What is the Process for Dental Exams Near You?

At Woodcreek Dental, you can rest assured that your dental exams in Camarillo, CA 93012 will be completely safe and comfortable from start to finish. If you’re a new patient, you’ll start by going over your dental history with the dentist and will also be asked to give a brief overview of your general medical history.

If you have received any specific treatments or procedures from a past dentist, your dentist at Woodcreek will have a conversation with you about those treatments, how they’ve affected you, and whether they were successful. If you have any specific health concerns or prescription medications that you take regularly, you’ll be asked to disclose these to your dentist.

Next, your dentist will perform a routine visual examination of your mouth, making sure to closely check every tooth, as well as your gum tissue. They will keep a sharp eye out for excessive plaque and tartar while also taking note of any gum recession, checking previous dental work for flaws, and monitoring your jaw alignment. If an excessive build-up of tartar or plaque is present, you can opt to receive a tooth cleaning on the spot from a dental hygienist.

Additionally, you should expect your dentist to check for tenderness or lumps all-around your neck and mouth region during your initial exam. This is done in order to screen for signs of oral cancer. If your dentist thinks that you could be at risk, you will most likely be asked to sit for an X-ray in order to more clearly see what’s going on and to provide a baseline from which to closely monitor the situation moving forward.

X-rays can also be helpful to detect internal tooth decay that may be invisible to the naked eye.

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We know that trips to the dentist can be a source of anxiety for some. Luckily, you can rest assured because our top-notch team at Woodcreek Dental has your best interests in mind at every step of the way. We’ll do whatever we can to keep you completely comfortable during your visit. Call us at (805) 482-6389 to set up your appointment for dental exams in Camarillo, CA 93012.

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