Porcelain Crowns

Is the appearance of your teeth affecting your self-confidence? Some people don’t give their smile a second thought, but for others, it’s a constant source of concern.

If you’re ready to have a brighter, healthier smile, then Woodcreek Dental in Camarillo, CA is the right team to serve your needs. We offer top-quality aesthetic and restorative dentistry for our patients. A happy smile is a healthy smile!

One of the most popular dental restoration techniques that our practice offers is a porcelain crown fitting. Porcelain crowns are a great option for most people since they have a natural appearance and can be textured and shaped to fit the patient. They are custom-fitted so that they can restore your tooth to its original size, strength, and function.

Porcelain crowns should only be applied by an experienced dentist. When performed properly, the majority of your natural tooth should remain intact underneath the cap.

Want to learn more about porcelain crowns? Look no further! Here’s what you need to know about this dental procedure.

What is a Dental Crown?

A porcelain crown is a fixed prosthetic device that your dentist will attach to your tooth or implant. The terms “crowns” and “caps” are often used interchangeably. They are designed to fit over a damaged tooth.

Porcelain crowns are commonly used to:

• Help restore the shape and size of your tooth
• Enhance the strength and appearance of your tooth
• Restore your smile and give you renewed confidence

The crown is secured in place using a special kind of dental cement. This permanently encases the tooth underneath.

The Dental Crown Procedure

To prepare to have your porcelain crown applied, you will typically be required to make at least two visits.

During the first visit, your dentist will perform a thorough examination and begin prepping the tooth. He or she will take X-rays of the tooth and surrounding bone. If your dentist finds any issues from tooth decay, infection, or injury to the tooth’s pulp, you may need to have a root canal treatment before moving forward with the crown procedure.

The tooth that will be fitted with the new crown will be filed down and shaped. If a significant portion of your natural tooth has sustained damage as a result of decay, your dentist may use a filling material to build up enough tooth structure for the crown to properly cover it.

At this point in the process, putty or paste will be used to make an impression of the tooth that will receive the crown. The entire fabrication process typically takes a couple of weeks to complete.

However, in some cases, patients can get same-day crowns thanks to CAD/CAM software and an in-office milling unit. The milling unit creates a digital impression of your teeth, allowing your crown to be created from a single block of porcelain.

Regardless of the type of crown that you receive, your teeth will need to be re-shaped to prepare for your porcelain crown application.

Porcelain Crowns in Camarillo, CA

Gold and metal alloys were once a popular material used for dental crowns. While quite durable, these materials don’t exactly offer much in the way of aesthetics.

We prefer porcelain crowns, as they both replicate your tooth’s natural structure, and can be designed to look better than the original tooth. They provide full coverage and are also thicker than veneers, which only cover the front surface of your tooth.

During your consultation with Dr. Mike Wygant, you will learn whether or not you may be a suitable candidate for a porcelain crown procedure.

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