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At Woodcreek Dental, we know how much broken, damaged, or decayed teeth can affect your self-confidence. It can be hard to go through your daily life knowing that every time you flash your teeth, you feel a sense of shame and embarrassment.

Fortunately, there are a number of solutions that can restore your damaged teeth to give you a brighter, healthier smile than ever before. We offer top-quality cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments that can give you a sense of pride and confidence in your smile and restore the functionality of your teeth.

Porcelain crowns are among the most popular dental restoration techniques offered at our practice. These custom-fitted tooth-colored caps accurately imitate the natural look and texture of your other teeth in order to return a damaged tooth to its original size, strength, and function, all without the need for extractions or dental implant surgeries.

If you’re looking for porcelain crowns near you and you’re interested in learning more before you schedule your consultation, read on to find out all you need to know about this smile-saving dental procedure.

What is a Dental Crown?

A porcelain crown is a prosthetic device that serves as a protective cap for damaged teeth or dental implants. In fact, dental crowns are often referred to as dental “caps.” This particular dental restoration is a good option when the tooth has considerable damage or decay, but the root remains intact.

Some of the more common uses for a porcelain crown are:

  • To restore a badly damaged or decayed tooth to its original shape and size
  • To enhance a damaged or decayed tooth’s strength and appearance

Porcelain crowns are custom-designed to fit your mouth and to match the color of the rest of your teeth. They are secured using special dental cement that helps them to stay in place for up to 15 years.

The Dental Crown Procedure

Receiving your porcelain crown is a relatively easy procedure. However, because the crown must be created in a dental lab using an impression of your tooth, it will take at least two visits to complete your treatment.

On your first visit, your dentist will perform a thorough examination and begin the procedure by prepping your tooth. X-rays are used to determine if you have any issues related to infection or tooth decay or if there has been any injury to the tooth’s pulp. If your dentist finds that any of these issues are present, a root canal may be necessary prior to receive your dental crown.

If you are not in need of a root canal, your damaged or the decayed tooth will then be filed down and shaped in order for the crown to fit properly. Significantly damaged teeth can sometimes require a dental filling so that there is enough tooth structure for the crown to properly fit.

An impression of your tooth will then be made using putty or paste material so that it can be sent to a dental lab for a custom-made crown to be fabricated. This process will typically take a couple of weeks to complete.

Modern technology now allows some dental practices to offer same-day crowns. Thanks to the use of computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing software, and in-office dental milling units, it’s easier than ever before. In a single visit, a patient can have detailed digital images taken of their teeth that are then sent to the in-office milling unit, which creates custom dental restorations in a matter of minutes.

Looking for Porcelain Crowns Near You?

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