Using dental implants to replace multiple teeth

Years ago, the only solution for missing teeth was the use of a partial denture. The partial denture continues to be a popular option for patients who are in need of replacing one or more teeth in an economical way. However, thanks to continued improvements in the field of dentistry and restorative treatments, patients now have a variety of ways in which they can restore the smile. This includes dental implants in Camarillo, CA. Dr. Mike Wygant and his team at Woodcreek Dental work routinely with patients looking at the benefits of replacing one or multiple teeth using dental implants.

What are some problems caused by multiple missing teeth?

When teeth are missing, it impacts more than just the appearance of the smile. The adjacent teeth might shift out of place, resulting in more spaces and gaps in the smile. The bite alignment can change, causing unwanted wear on the teeth and an increased risk of issues such as bruxism or TMJ/TMD. Additionally, patients who are missing more than one tooth may find it difficult to speak clearly or eat efficiently. By quickly restoring the smile and replacing missing teeth, patients can avoid many problems associated with one or more teeth missing from the dental arch.

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants in Camarillo are permanent restorations used by patients missing one or several teeth within the smile. These restorations are small posts made of titanium placed during oral surgery into the jaw’s bone. They stimulate the jaw’s bone growth through a process called osseointegration. The bone wraps around the prothesis and solidifies it into the bone, and allows for a solid and lasting foundation for the implant itself. The portion of the implant above the gum line, called the abutment, is restored in various ways. The versatility of the dental implant, along with its permanent placement, makes it a reliable and highly desirable method of replacing missing teeth in the smile.

Can dental implants be used to replace all the teeth in the dental arch?

Dr. Mike Wygant also educates patients on the process of using multiple dental implants along the arch to hold a complete denture. This process, sometimes called “all-on-4” implants or “implant retained dentures,” can replace all the teeth in the dental arch easily and effectively. Instead of using traditional full dentures that require messy denture adhesives to keep them in place, the implant-supported denture is held in place with implants for better functionality. Additionally, by placing dental implants into the jaw, patients can maintain the natural bone and avoid bone resorption.

Who is a good candidate for dental implants?

To place dental implants, patients need to have enough bone in their jaw for successful implantation. To determine this, Dr. Mike Wygant of Woodcreek Dental will perform several x-ray images to take a look at the structure of the jaw. If patients are missing bone, they may need to undergo preparatory solutions such as bone grafting to help repair the area before implants are placed. Patients undergo an assessment with our team before our dentist can recommend certain tooth replacement solutions for an individual to consider. Those who are not good candidates for dental implants may be better suited for dentures or bridges.

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