Sedation Dentistry – When it’s Helpful and What to Expect

Are you uneasy about visiting the dentist? Don’t worry. You’re not alone! In fact, the American Dental Association has reported that almost 1 in 4 patients avoid going to the dentist because of their dental anxieties (SOURCE: Fortunately, the team at Woodcreek Dental not only accepts new patients who have dental anxieties impacting their routine oral appointments but provides solutions for individuals who want to control their fear and get necessary dental work completed. With sedation dentistry, Camarillo, CA area patients can obtain treatment while calm and relaxed!

What methods of sedation are available at Woodcreek Dental?

There are several different sedation options for patients to choose from in our dental office. Camarillo, CA area patients can choose from the following:

  • Nitrous – nitrous oxide is one of the more popular options for patients who need light sedation that is reversed during the same appointment. Nitrous oxide is commonly known as “laughing gas.” It is a colorless and odorless gas administered through the nose to help patients achieve a level of relaxation that allows them to get through their dental appointment without any anxiety. Nitrous oxide also helps with pain control and can alleviate gag reflexes that may complicate even the most routine procedures. This sedation method does not require patients to arrange for transportation to and from their dental visits, making it easier for patients to have their dental work completed and return to their busy day without interruption.
  • Oral sedation – another option for patients to consider for sedation dentistry in Camarillo, CA is that of oral sedation. Sometimes known as oral conscious sedation, this is a method of sedation dentistry that requires patients to take an oral medication prior to their arrival at the dental office. This medication is prescription only and allows patients to feel relaxed while remaining conscious and able to answer questions and perform simple tasks. However, patients are required to arrange transportation as they are not allowed to drive to and from the appointment while this medication is in their system. Patients often return home to rest after their visit and awaken later with little to no memory of their dental appointment. Oral sedation is best for patients with moderate to severe anxieties.
  • IV conscious sedation—in situations where patients have severe dental fears, it may be best to work with a dental anesthesiologist to have treatments performed with IV conscious sedation. A dental professional will administer sedatives directly into the bloodstream for immediate results. Patients are awake and aware during their appointment, though some may fall asleep while their dental work is done. Patients are monitored throughout the process by a dental anesthesiologist on staff to ensure safety.

Which sedation is best for me?

Choosing a sedation method can be achieved with the help of our dental team at Woodcreek Dental. During an evaluation appointment with Dr. Mike Wygant, patients can discuss their level of anxiety and find out which type of sedation is best for their unique situation. Patients should be open and honest with their dentist to choose the most effective sedation method.

Are you looking for sedation dentistry near you?

If you are searching for sedation dentistry in Camarillo, CA, and are ready to work with a team of professionals who give you a choice, we encourage you to book an appointment at Woodcreek Dental today. Dr. Mike Wygant and his team are committed to providing a wide selection of services, including sedation for anxious patients or those undergoing extensive dental work in one visit. The office is conveniently located at 5301 Mission Oaks Boulevard, Suite B and accepts new patients. Call (805) 482-6389 to request a consultation visit.

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