How to Find Affordable Dental Care in Camarillo, CA: The WoodCreek Assurance Membership Program

Are you looking for affordable dental care in Camarillo, CA? Patients with and without dental insurance alike want to pay less for the dental treatments and procedures they need.

Dental care is a core component of lasting health and wellness. It should never be too expensive to afford, but that’s exactly the challenge so many of our patients face.

This is why the Woodcreek Dental team is excited to offer the Woodcreek Assurance Membership Plan. We believe that every single person, regardless of insurance, should have access to affordable dental care in Camarillo, CA.

The Woodcreek Assurance Membership Plan provides essential preventative and restorative dentistry at prices that every family can afford. Here are the details you need to know. Call our Camarillo, CA office any time to learn more!

What Does the Woodcreek Assurance Membership Include?

When you become a member of the Woodcreek Assurance Membership Program, you save money on every dental procedure, from cleanings and exams to crowns and comprehensive procedures.

For only $329 per year, or just $27 a month, a single adult can receive the following member benefits:

  • 20% discount on all treatments and procedures
  • Two sets of bitewing crowns per year
  • Two preventative healthy cleanings per year
  • Two periodic examinations of hard and soft tissue per year
  • Two emergency examinations per year
  • Unlimited intraoral photos
  • Routine oral cancer evaluations
  • Unlimited periodontal screenings and measurements

Two people living in the same household can also enjoy these perks using the Assurance Dual Membership for $579 per year.

Finally, the Assurance Family Membership covers families with up to five members living in the same household for $999 per year. If your family has more than five people, just add $100 for each additional family member. Children also receive two fluoride treatments per year under this plan.

What Will Your Bill Look Like as a Woodcreek Assurance Member?

Dental care can be expensive without insurance! Unless you’re a Woodcreek Assurance Member, anyway.

Consider the fact that, without insurance, standard oral care costs about $2,000 a year. That includes full mouth x-rays, a comprehensive exam and cleaning, a crown placement, and more. You can save at least $900 on those services when you purchase a Woodcreek Assurance Membership plan.

The cost of full mouth x-rays without insurance is $155, but they’re free with your membership. A routine cleaning and exam, usually $225, is free as a Woodcreek Assurance Member. You also save 20% off all dental procedures, from root canals and teeth whitening to dental implants.

More About Affordable Dental Care in Camarillo, CA

For many families and adults, a Woodcreek Assurance Membership is more affordable and useful than dental insurance. Many dental insurance policies are complicated by co-pays, annual maximums, waiting periods, age limits, and fine print that limits coverage on important procedures.

When you opt for a Woodcreek Assurance Membership, you know exactly what benefits to expect, and you also enjoy a full 20% off discount on other treatments. It’s a smart and affordable way to receive critical preventive dental care.

The team at Woodcreek Dental is here to work with you and your family, so you can always add members to your account and schedule your appointments at your convenience. Your membership is effective immediately, so you can come see us the same day that your membership begins if you’d like!

Call (805) 482-6389 today or sign up online to learn more about Woodcreek Assurance and how our office can help you get preventive care for a low monthly cost. Dr. Wygant is fully committed to providing compassionate, personalized, and affordable dental care in Camarillo, CA.

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