How Root Canal Therapy Can Save a Natural, Adult Tooth from Extraction

Tooth infections are often excruciating, and they make simple tasks such as eating impossible and uncomfortable. In situations such as this, patients might be dealing with an abscess or infection of a tooth within the smile. By visiting a dentist in Camarillo, patients can get a thorough evaluation of their smile and determine the cause of the pain. Then, treatments can be discussed. Dr. Mark Wygant and his team at Woodcreek Dental understand how important it is to address the infection and help patients get on with their lives—pain-free! To do this, many patients are advised to move forward with root canal therapy.

What is root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy is a specialized procedure performed by an experienced dentist to address the infection of a tooth while keeping it in place. Without root canal therapy, the only other option for patients might be tooth extraction. During the root canal procedure, the dentist will create an access point in the natural tooth enamel that is deep enough to get to the inner canals of the tooth where the dental pulp is. The dental pulp is best described as a mass of tissues, including the nerves and blood supply, that keep the tooth alive. Endodontic therapy requires the dentist to remove the dental pulp, disinfect the inner canals of the tooth, and then seal it to prevent further infection or decay. In doing this, it saves the tooth structure and eliminates the need for tooth extraction.

How much is root canal treatment?

There are several factors that are taken into consideration when it comes to the cost of root canal treatment. First, a patient’s dental insurance may provide partial coverage for endodontic therapy which can reduce any out-of-pocket costs. Second, the cost may change if the patient requires a dental crown to be placed over the tooth as well. This is often done if the tooth is a molar or one that sustains a lot of biting and chewing force that can damage the tooth. Third, if multiple teeth are treated during an appointment, there will also be a change in the final cost.

How often does a root canal fail?

There is a slight risk that the root canal treatment may fail, but when the procedure is performed by a skilled and experienced professional such as Dr. Mark Wygant, the chances of this occurring are relatively slim. If the root canal procedure fails to save the tooth, the alternative treatment is tooth extraction. This is the permanent removal of a tooth. Once the tooth has been extracted, patients will need to work with their dentist to determine the best tooth replacement option for their smile, which may be a dental implant, a dental bridge, a partial denture, or a full denture.

Is root canal treatment the best choice for me?

It is always best to perform the most conservative and appropriate treatment for the patient and their individual needs whenever possible. In many instances where a tooth is affected by infection, trauma, or large areas of decay, consideration of root canal treatment is often a patient’s first choice. However, if a tooth is beyond the point of repair with this or other restoration services, patients might still be told that permanent tooth extraction is best for them.

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